Lessons from The Battle of Ahzab

Lesson 1: The Alliance had gathered around the Muslims all over the world, don’t think that that the battle of the trench has finished e.g. Palestine, Kashmir etc.

“O you who believe! Remember Allah(SWT)’s favour on you when all the forces came to you: We sent against them wind and soldiers who no one saw. Allah sees all that you did and will reward you for that.” [EMQ 33:9]

We must reflect upon this and take lesson for the alliances against the Muslims today such as those in Iraq, in Chechnya and the US-led alliance against Muslims in Afghanistan. These are all alliances of evil, battles of Islam against Kufr, of Haq against Baatil.

Lesson 2: The attack will come from all directions ideological, economical, social etc.

“Behold! they came on you from above you and from below”

The attack is usually from all angles, in the present attack we can see that the media are whipping the masses into a frenzy of hatred for Islam and Muslim in order to lay the foundation for an alliance against Muslims. This is supported by rhetoric of fighting ‘Terrorism’ from the Western regimes like the US and UK and backed up by the puppet regimes in Muslim countries ensuring their public that it is not Islam but Terrorism and Usama Bin Laden that the US is after. In the meantime the Israelis have taken the chance to murder more Muslims and steal more land. To put the icing on the cake the West use the secular Muslims, like the MCB, to attack those who speak up against this oppression and tyranny.

Lesson 3: The Believers will be tested

“When all your concepts and ideas became confused and fear entered until your hearts reached your throats and you started to doubt (the victory)!” [EMQ 33:10]

“In that situation were the Believers tested: they were shaken as by a tremendous shaking.” [EMQ 33:11]

We must remember that we are all being tested by what is happening in Afghanistan. Not only must the Muslims in the region fulfil their responsibility of Jihad physically, likewise it is an obligation upon the Muslim masses to rise and defend Islam from being attacked, as this can be done by coming out and speaking the word of truth in front of the tyrant rulers.

Lesson: 4: There will always be Hypocrites in the Ummah

“And behold! the Hypocrites and those with weak personalities will say: “what we have been promised will not happen!” [EMQ 33:12]

In the same way people deny that the Muslims can never defeat the US-led alliance or that the Islamic Movements world-wide can ever establish the Khilafah or they say that it cannot be established except in certain countries; whereas Allah (SWT) asks us struggle to implement the Shari’ah, as a law and order, wherever we are.

“Behold! a party among them said:”Ye men of Yathrib! Ye cannot stand (the attack)! Therefore go back!”

There are always secular Muslims ready to put down those willing to stand up to the oppression and corruption telling them to be realistic, not to stir up trouble for the ‘peaceful’ Muslim community, who are all too ready to stand with murderers like the Pharaoh’s of today referring to them as ‘our Prime Minister’ or ‘our President’ and telling the media to stay away from and not to contact those who speak the truth.

“And a band of them ask for leave of the Prophet saying “Truly our houses are bare and exposed” though they were not exposed: they intended nothing but to run away.” [EMQ 33:13]

Sadly there are many among our community who would rather sell Muslims out and run away from any call for Jihad by saying that ‘There is no such thing as fighting in Islam…Jihad is only of the Nafs’ trying to save themselves by blaming the sincere Muslims for attacks on the Muslim communities in the US and Europe, for example, instead of the racist, fascist Western regimes.

“And if the enemy succeed they will be part of the fitnah (siding with the enemy against the Muslims)!” [EMQ 33:14]

“And yet they had already promised before that they would not turn their backs and a covenant with Allah must (surely) be answered for.” [EMQ 33:15]

“Tell them that running away will not profit you if ye are running away from death or slaughter; and even if (ye do escape) no more than a brief (respite) will ye be allowed to enjoy!” [EMQ 33:16]

Allah (SWT) asks us to take precaution, he does not tell us to side with the enemy or support them in any way. There is a vast difference between taking precaution and fearing from the enemy!

“Say: “Tell them to think, who can protect them from Allah if Allah wishes something for them?” [EMQ 33:17]

“Verily Allah knows those among you who are lazy and say to their brothers “Don’t go” and they don’t go but a few.” [EMQ 33:18]

There are those who would not only desist from taking any positive action against the perpetrators of atrocities themselves but also prevent others from doing anything as well. Just as we saw many Muslims in Pakistan and the UK demonstrating against the Murtad Musharraf’s decision to help the US-led alliance and Muslims preparing to go to Pakistan to help there, unfortunately we also witnessed those who condemned such actions ridiculing those fulfilling their duties and saying that ‘no one in Britain is sending anyone abroad’ thereby dampening the call of Jihad.

“They are stingy with you in anything good, they will look everywhere in fear but when it goes they will attack you again. Such of them do so because they have lost their Imaan and Allah has made all their deeds fall down: and that is easy for Allah” [EMQ 33:19]

These people are those who are stingy in commanding good and forbidding evil, stingy with their money (taking a salary from anything collected and calling it ‘administration’ expenses), even if you turn out to be right they will still attack you in order to justify why they stood against you in the first place!

“They think that the alliance will not leave; and if the alliance attacks they would wish they were far away and they will seek news about you (from a safe distance);

As opposed to this state of pessimism and defeatism the true Muslims remain strong and hopeful of victory from Allah (SWT). Indeed it was during this time when the Sahabah were building the trench surrounded by the alliance that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) predicted the conquering of Rome and Constantinople, just the way Muslims today, in the midst of the impending attack remain firm in their resolve and belief that the flag of Islam will fly over Downing Street and Muslims will even conquer the White House one day.

“And if they were in your midst they would fight but little.” [EMQ 33:20]

“Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah the best example for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day and who engages much in the praise of Allah.” [EMQ 33:21]

Let us never forget that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) is our only example to follow, not George Bush or Muhammad Ali Jinnah! The Messenger Muhammad (saw) never gave any credence to man made law, he never shared power with non-Muslims or believed in ‘Democracy’ or ‘freedom’, he never sold Muslims out to the enemies of Islam, he always made a clear distinction between the army of the Muslims and that of the non-Muslims, never allowing the Muslims to join the kufr Police or armies and never having any alliance with them (we wonder on whose side the misguided Muslims in the British and American armies are going to fight in the impending war!?). And he (saw) was the one who established the first Islamic State!

“When the Believers saw the allied forces they said: “This is what Allah and His Apostle had promised us and Allah and his Apostle told us what was true.” And it only added to their faith and their zeal in obedience.” [EMQ 33:22]

We have been promised by Allah several times in the Qur’an that the Jews and Christians are an enemy for the Muslims, what they say with their tongues is hatred (such as a ‘crusade’ of ‘good against evil’ by President Bush) but what they conceal in their hearts is far worse. We are told that if and when the disbelievers have authority over Muslims they will have no mercy, as in Iraq and Israel, Chechnya etc…and that the disbelievers will not be satisfied until they take Muslims away from the Deen of Islam.

“Among the Believers are men who have fulfilled their pledge to Allah: some have passed away and some are still to come: they will never change:” [EMQ 33:23]

“In order that Allah may reward the trustworthy and punish the Hypocrites. Maybe Allah will forgive the weak: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful.” [EMQ 33:24]

“And Allah returned the alliance and saved the Believers. And Allah is full of Strength Able to enforce His Will.” [EMQ 33:25]


Just as the Jew-led alliance with Quraish planned and attacked the Muslims in the time of the Messenger Muhammad, today the US-led alliance are planning and attacking the Muslims in Afghanistan. Just as the Jews of the past lied to Abu Sufyan, the US and UK lie today that Islam and Muslims are not the enemy but that that they are fighting ‘terrorism’ and Usama Bin Laden. Just the way Imam Ali (ra) represented Imaan and Amru represented Shirk, today each Muslim is on one of the fronts of Islam and must make sure he/she protects it from any kufr, enjoining maoruf (good) and forbidding munkar (evil), making sure that he/she fulfils their duty of supporting the Mujahideen. Just as Bani Quraizah did not keep their treaty the kufr governments of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia (among many others) have predictably sold-out the Taleban to the US.Let us digest the many lessons given to us by Allah through the battle of Ahzaab and the many other battles of the Messenger Muhammad (saw), such as Badr and Uhud, and put our complete and total trust only in Allah (SWT) with whom rests victory in this life and in the hereafter


One Response

  1. You are wrong to say that there is a “US-led alliance against Muslims” in Afghanistan.

    The alliance is not against peaceful muslims. It is in the process of destroying muslims who kill peaceful muslims.

    And by the way, the war is not going very well for the Taliban. Nato has killed thousands of them already, and we’ll keep killing them until they’re defeated.

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