Update on Shaykh Ali-timimi

Dear all,

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu:

October 23rd hearing update

During the hearing it was confirmed that the government did spy illegally on Dr. Ali Al-Timimi and failed to turn those calls before the trial as required by the law. However, the judge surprisingly and mistakenly ruled against Dr. Al Timimi regarding these conversations in the following manner:

1- She said she would not de-classify the calls thereby allowing Dr. Al Timimis’ attorneys to show that they would have been useful in his defense.

2- The judge herself declared that these conversations would have not helped him.

However though at the end of the hearing the judge did order the government to search again for five calls that Dr. Al Timimis’ lawyers have identified. The lawyers have provided the government with telephone numbers involved, date of the calls, time, and length, as well as thet content.

The question that remains: will the government honestly search: the NSA, FBI, CIA, and the Department of Defense for these calls, as ordered by the judge, or will it continue to hide them from Dr. Al Timimis’ attorneys like what it did with his other phone calls before the trial?

The lawyers said all we can do now is pray that the government complies with the judge’s order and tells the truth.

Finally, let us not forget that Dr. Al Timimi has been unjustly sentenced to life plus seventy years in prison!

Please distribute this widely especially to legal blogs.

May Allah reward you.



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