Dua Request for Our Beloved Shaykh ‘Ali at-Tamimi

The following is a forwarded message from Sister Ziyana al-Rawahi, Shaykh ‘Ali at-Tamimi’s wife:

Dear brothers:

Assalamu alaikum:

Inshallah you had a nice Ramadan and Eid holiday with your families.

I would like to let you know that there is a hearing on Ali’s behalf on October 23 Inshaallah. As the lawyer stated there will be two classified motions to address and the Judge will have to will have to decide whether she is going to order serious relief in the case. The hearing will be closed to the public.

Please spread and make dua.



You can learn more about the Shaykh and his case here: http://freeali.wordpress.com/


3 Responses

  1. By Allah’s will he will go free

  2. May Allah guide him away from the way of the Khawarij Al-Qa’idiyyah.

  3. May Allah help him and all muslims in this against-islam-world. Ameen.
    I am in desperate need of Allah’s help. Please remember me in your duas. Take a moment to ask Allah on my behalf, please.

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