The Khilafah will return

All thanks are for almighty Allah (SWT), the supporter of the righteous, the ally of the people of taqwa (pious), the defeater of the kuffar and the one who dignifies the Mujahideen. Allah (SWT) says:

‘And our word has been decreed from before to our servant, verily they are the victorious and our soldiers are the conquerors’
[EMQ As-Safaat: 171-173]

And may the peace of Allah (SWT) be upon the Messenger Muhammad (saw) the one who has been sent with the Qur’an and the sword, and who said:

‘…Allah designated my provision under the shade of my spear…’

And the one who said:

‘…A warning for all the Arabs; I have come with slaughter…’

And may the blessing of Allah (SWT) be upon his companions and his family and those who follow their path and trace their guidance.

It is reported in the Musnad of Imam Ahmad and in Tabarani that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said:

‘…This Deen is going to reach wherever the day and night reach and Allah (SWT) has left out no house in a village or in a city except that this Deen will enter it, whether under somebody who is dignified and elevated or via someone who is humiliated. Verily dignity is from Allah to Islam and humiliation is from Allah to the Kuffar…’

In another narration reported by Imam Ahmad No.17680 upon the authority of Huzaifah (ra), the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said:

‘…The Prophet-hood among you will remain as long as Allah (SWT) wishes, after this Allah will remove it if he wishes, then there will be hereditary authority which will remain as long as Allah (SWT) wishes, after this Allah will remove it if he wishes, then there will be forced authority which will remain as long as Allah (SWT) wishes, after this Allah will remove it if he wishes, then there will return back the rightly guided Khilafah upon the path of the Prophet-hood which will govern the people by the tradition of the Messenger Muhammad (saw), and Islam will be appreciated by all the people embracing it on the Earth. The one who is in the heavens and the Earth will be pleased with it and the heaven will leave no drop of water but it will release it, the Earth will leave no crops not harvested nor will a volcano not erupt…’

This good news about the future for Islam, which is going to strike and eliminate the Kuffar, their atrocities and arrogance (manifest by the US nowadays), has already started. Verily the kuffar have lost their balance and their stability has been shaken by only a few sincere Muslims, who are not only few in number but also in terms of artillery. However this is an almighty tradition from Allah (SWT) which has been decreed – that the biggest army is always defeated by a handful of sincere believers. The best example is that the believers at the time of Badr, who fought an army three times bigger than them and more equipped than them. Similarly in our lifetime we see how a few sincere fighters in Afghanistan have thrown out a vast army of the Soviet Union.

Those who have traded their Nafis for the sake of Allah, who have deserted all worldly desires and who eat from the green pastures of the Earth, living in caves, who are worshippers at night and fighters during the day, those who fire their bullets shouting Allahu Akbar (God is the greatest) and who drove the Russian army out of Afghanistan (and some of whom are still in combat in Afghanistan and continue to fight for the dignity of Islam) will continue to get support from Allah (SWT) who has promised that his command will prevail over all, even if the disbelievers hate it. No doubt the Ummah of Muhammad (saw) is a blessed Ummah, as reported in Ibn As’saakir’s collection, who reported that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said:

‘…My Ummah is a blessed Ummah; you can’t distinguish if the goodness is in its first or in its last…’

What is well known to every Muslim, by necessity, is that the Shari’ah and its unique political system i.e. that of Al-Khilafah, and Jihad for the sake of Allah (SWT) to defend the Deen of Allah and the citizens of the Khilafah (Muslim or non-Muslim) and to conquer the whole world by daw’ah and Jihad, are all duties upon Muslims. Moreover, fighting the enemies of Islam i.e. the occupiers and aggressors nowadays, is Fard upon every Muslim, male or female, each one according to their circumstances, abilities and capabilities, similar to the fards of fasting and salat. For Allah (SWT) says:

‘…Fighting has been proscribed upon you…’ [EMQ 2:216]

And because Allah (SWT) says:

‘…Fasting has been proscribed upon you…’ [EMQ 2:183]

There is no doubt that fighting the enemy, whether the part which is near to you or that which is far away, is a duty upon Muslims, especially after the criminals, aggressors and occupiers have spread their atrocities and corruption among the believers and in their homeland and have violated the sanctities of Allah (SWT) and their sacred sites, whether by occupying their land or by entering and invading their homeland, by exploiting their resources or by killing and raping Muslims. All this with the collaboration of the apostate rulers (Taghout), that is, those who implement kufr law i.e. man made law, and who kill the sincere Muslims day and night and who arrest the sincere scholars of the Ummah.

There is no doubt that these occupiers and corrupt leaders are legitimate targets for Muslims, each and every Muslim must contribute verbally, physically and financially, as much as the Shari’ah commands or permits him, in order to remove the sin accompanying this duty and fulfilling the burden, before he or she meets their Lord. There must be no doubt in the mind of any sincere Muslim that those who ally with the kuffar to violate the sanctity of the Muslims and those who do not see the spilling of the blood of Muslims or their arrest as crimes, are not from the Ummah of Muhammad (saw), whether they are rulers or individuals. We must add to these those who protect the Taghout rulers and protect the kuffar aggressors and occupiers from retaliation by Muslims, as not being from the Ummah of Muhammad (saw). Moreover, those who report to the taghout and to the disbelievers the location of the Mujahideen or the scholars or any Muslims, such as the FBI, CIA, MI5, ISI or any kuffar authorities, are not from the Ummah of Muhammad (saw), whether they are rulers or individuals.

Further, those who do not feel shame for the dignity of the Muslims and their honour, are not part of the body of the Ummah of whom the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:

‘… The way the Muslims love each other, protect each other and co-operate with each other, is like one body, if any part suffers all other limbs and organs look after it…’

Hence, verily they are not from the body of the Ummah, whether they be rulers or individuals.

In addition, those who have started to come closer and closer to the disbelievers, co-operating with them and working with them as MP’s councilors, Lords, police etc… in, for example, the UK or US, and those who incline towards them, speaking out against sincere Muslims and who label these Muslims as Khawaarij, extremists or nutters or lunatic fringe, in order to please the disbelievers, are not part of this Ummah, even if they claim they are Muslims.

We Muslims are those who submit solely to almighty Allah (SWT)’s names, attributes and commands exclusively, and we will always fulfill our obligations. We Strive and struggle in defending Islam and Muslims for the sake of Allah as long as the Muslims stand for Haq and fulfill the commands of Allah. We will continue to support the sincere scholars, activists and Mujahideen, such as Sheikh Usama Bin laden, as long as their word and sword are risen for the dignity of Islam, as long as their terror is targeted against the enemy of Allah and as long as their effort is to preserve the dignity of the Muslims after the apostate rulers have lost it. As long as Sheikh Usama and his like struggle to claim and return back all our rights and keep striving by their Jihad to liberate our land and as long as they believe in Allah (SWT) and do not bow to anyone, whether rulers or individuals, and as long as they raise the banner of Islam whether, with the smoke of their guns or through their voices, we will always be supportive, co-operative and accomplices.

The almighty tradition is that those who betray Islam and Muslims will end with humiliation either at their own hands or at the hands of the disbelievers or that of the believers. We saw what happened recently in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in Palestine, where those who betrayed the Ummah turned their weapons against each other to settle old accounts or out of fear from the enemies of Allah, such as from the UK and US forces. Especially so, after they were falsely impressed by the illusion of the military superiority of the enemy forces from the Wahn which dismantled their mind from any ability to think or to contemplate or to reason – not to mention emptying their hearts from any Imaan. This made them slack and subservient to the dictators and occupiers, after which they became slaves to the Western powers, following them step by step, worshipping them day and night, until they have lost all respect, even from their masters and alliances. Now we see how their swords, which have never been unsheathed against the enemy, have risen against each other in Iraq, in Palestine and in Afghanistan and how they have been killed at the hands of each other and at the hands of their masters as a matter of punishment from Allah (SWT). Even if they have been saved from this they will never be saved from the swords of Islam which have been raised by the Mujahideen for the sake of Allah (SWT).

Verily the USA are shaking and are terrified by a tiny portion of the Muslims who live in caves and fear none but Allah, who have sacrificed, for his sake, all their wealth, families, comfort and their lives, who are eager to attain his mercy and to achieve his pleasure and who struggle to implement his Deen, after the apostate rulers have isolated Islam from power and from the lives of the people in society, bringing and inviting the evil Kuffar forces, with their satanic artillery, to destroy our land, kill our children and violate our honour. Those same rulers, who glanced without care, at the blood of Muslims, which was spread in Afghanistan, not to mention the houses destroyed in Palestine, the industry which has been blown up in Sudan the women and children and elders who have died out of hunger in Iraq, the cries of the women who have been raped in Gujarat and in Kashmir and the terror which has been spread throughout Somalia, Burma, Lebanon, the Philippines, Eritrea and South Sudan.
Let us also not forget the massacres committed against Muslims in Bosnia, in Kosovo and in China, which are in all the worlds eyes but which have never been considered to be Terror or crimes in the eyes of the so-called international community and the disbelievers, despite seeing the widows and orphans on their TV’s and the ones who have lost their beloved in Palestine and those who are crying for just a piece of bread. What is ironic is that after all this horror, terror, atrocities, murder and occupation, the ones who stand to defend their honour and lives and who retaliate and who have given the enemy retribution for some of these atrocities, have been labeled terrorists so quickly by the international community and so-called human rights organizations.

But my dear Muslim brothers, we must not be surprised and must always remember that the USA is a state which has certain interests, desires and evil policies and, overall, even if the disbelievers destroy us completely, we should not complain if we let them get away with it, because there is no sin after Kufr and they are our natural enemies from whom Allah (SWT) has warned us. Allah (SWT) says:

‘…Verily the Jews and Christians will never be pleased with you unless you follow their way of life. Say verily the guidance of Allah is the Guidance and if you follow their ration or desires after what you have received from the revelation, you will take from Allah no support or alliance…’ [EMQ 2:120]

And for Allah (SWT) says:

‘…many of the people of the book wish if they can turn you all into disbelievers from Islam after you have believed, being envious in themselves after they have realized that you carry the truth…’ [EMQ 2:109]

Therefore we are in contradiction and opposition to their ideologies and belief and we will never be brothers with them until the moon speaks out (which of course it never will) and accordingly interfaith will never happen, with all the Muslims.

The main point on which Muslims should focus is the way for Khilafah on the path of Prophet-hood. In order to do so we must understand the reality of the Muslims i.e. the absence of the Shari’ah and its own Khilafah system and the responsibility, as a divine obligation, to establish the Shari’ah and its unique system, the Khilafah, by following the divine methodology which the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and his companions passed through to implement the Shari’ah and establish the first Islamic State. As for the reality it is reported in Bukhari No. 7320, upon the authority of Abu Saeed Al-Khidri and also reported in Muslim, that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said:

‘…You are going to follow the traditions and the ways of those before you span by span, arm by arm, even if they enter the Lizard hole.’ We said ‘O Rasoul Allah, are they the Jews and Christians?’ He said ‘Verily, Who else?’

And this hadith manifests itself clearly today by Muslims imitating the man made system and way of life of the disbelievers and having left behind their backs the Shari’ah and its unique divine ruling system and this is also clear in the hadith reported in the Musnad of Imam Ahmed No. 21656, upon the authority of Abu Umama Al-Baahili, when the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said:

‘…The button holes of Islam will be untied one after the other, and whenever a button hole is untied people will hold onto the ones remaining, and the first one to be untied will be that of Ruling by the Shari’ah and the last one will be that of the prayer…’

This is the reality today, when most people have even left the prayer, until the mosque has become an image for Muslims absent from Islam with people just having Muslim names, i.e. nothing remaining from Islam except the name. Verily the Prophet Muhammad (saw) prophesized this reality by saying, as reported in the Shu’ab Al-Imaan, for Imaam Baihaqi No. 1908 – 1909, upon the authority of Imam Ali (ra), that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said:

‘…There will soon come a time upon the people when nothing remains from Islam except the name and nothing remains from the Qur’an except its font, their own mosques will be built up but empty of any guidance and their clerics will be the most evil under the heavens and from among them they will start all the fitnah, and to them will it return…’

In another narration (No. 1910) it is added that:

‘…a man arose and asked Ali (ra) ‘why?’ To which He replied: ‘If the Fiqh is among the most corrupted and the Faahishah is among the best of them, and the authority among the most humiliated of them, at that time wait for the hour…’

Therefore it is essential for the Muslims to understand their reality properly and to understand their obligations. It has been reported in the Musnad of Imam Ahmed No. 16344, upon the authority of Tamim al-Daari, that he heard the Messenger Muhammad (saw) say:

‘Verily This Deen will reach wherever the day and night reach and Allah (SWT) will leave no house in a country or city except he will let the Deen enter it whether by embracing it with dignity or by abiding by its rule with humiliation…’

The above hadith, and the one mentioned before i.e.

‘…The Prophet-hood among you will remain as long as Allah (SWT) wishes, after this Allah will remove it if he wishes, then there will be hereditary authority which will remain as long as Allah (SWT) wishes, after this Allah will remove it if he wishes, then there will be forced authority which will remain as long as Allah (SWT) wishes, after this Allah will remove it if he wishes, then there will return back the rightly guided Khilafah upon the path of the Prophet-hood which will govern the people by the tradition of the Messenger Muhammad (saw), and Islam will be appreciated by all the people embracing it on the Earth. The one who is in the heavens and the Earth will be pleased with it and the heaven will leave no drop of water but it will release it, the Earth will leave no crops not harvested nor will a volcano not erupt…’

Not to mention the overwhelming verses where Allah (SWT) orders us to implement the Shari’ah, are enough for a person to commit himself to establish the Khilafah.

As far as the obligation to establish the Khilafah is concerned, it is a matter of Deen which we target in order to be closer to Allah (SWT) when we engage to establish it and there is no doubt that we will become closer to Allah by implementing his commands, and this is one of the highest duties after Tawheed and Jihad. A quick look at the meaning of Al-Imaamah or Al-Khilafah shows that it is related to the leadership of Islam and Muslims.

As for the Imaam he is the Khalifah who leads the Ummah and he is the ruler whose ruling is known as Al-Khilafah tul Uzzma or Al-Imamah tul Qubra, in order to distinguish it from the Imamah of the salat. For this reason we find that all the ayat and ahadith, in the chapters of Al-Khilafah and Al-Imamah, do not distinguish between the term Imam and Al-khalif, rather the two terms are synonymous and that is why Imam An-Nawawi said, in the book Rawdat at-Talibeen, at Vol 10 p49:

‘It is allowed to say to the Imam ‘the Khilafah’ or ‘the Ameer ul-Mu’mineen’’

And one of the definitions of the Ulema for the Khalifah is reported in the book Nihayat Al-Muhtaj for Al-Imam Al-Ramli, at Vol 7 p389 in his definitions of the scholars of ahl ul Sunnah, that the greatest Imam is the one who is running the affairs of the Khilafah, on protecting and preserving the Deen and leading and managing life’s affairs. As for the hukm of the Imamaship or Khilafah-ship, it is a consensus among all people of ahl ul sunnah that the Imamah is compulsory upon the Muslims and that they must have among them an Imam who implements the Deen of Islam and establishes the divine justice between the people. And the evidence for this is from the Qur’an, the Sunnah and the general principle.

As for the evidences from the Qur’an Allah (SWT) says:

‘O believers obey Allah, obey the Messenger and those in charge among you…’ [EMQ 4:59]


‘If they face any problem of security or fear, they like to speak it out, but if they refer it back to the Messenger and to the oo lil amr (people of authority) among them, it will be explained by those who extracted it from amongst them…’ [EMQ 4:83]

In these two verses Allah (SWT) explicitly orders us to obey the oo lil amr i.e. the people of authority among them. Imam Malik stated clearly that they are the rulers, his assistants and his deputies and the juristic scholars. Moreover the ayat clearly order us to refer it back to the people of authority, after referring the divine evidences to Allah (SWT) and to his Messenger Muhammad (saw), in order to execute the command of Allah (SWT) and his Messenger. This is a clear evidence that it is obligatory among the Muslims to appoint an Imam to manage their own affairs and to look after their own interests by implementing the commands of Allah externally and internally, and Allah (SWT) does not order us to obey the one that does not exist, which command to obey them therefore necessitates the command to establish them.

As for the evidences from the Sunnah, there is a hadith reported in Muslim, in Kitab al-Imarah, Hadith no. 1851, that Abdullah Ibn Omar (ra) said that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said:

‘Whoever dies without a pledge on his neck dies a death of jaahiliyyah…’

And the evidence in this hadith is that the pledge is obligatory upon the neck of every Muslim and it is known that there is no pledge except for an Imam, it is therefore obligatory to appoint an Imam to implement Islam internally and externally. In addition to this hadith there are two ahadith which state clearly the importance of appointing an Imam. It is reported upon the authority of Imam Ahmad and in the Sunnan of Abou Doud, from Abdullah Ibn Omar (ra) that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said:

‘It is not allowed for three persons to exist in any open area on the Earth except if they appoint one of themselves as an Ameer.’

The second hadith is reported by Abu Saeed Al-Khidri and collected in Abou Daoud in Kitab ul-Jihad, that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said:

‘If three go out traveling they must appoint an Ameer among them’

These two ahadith clearer indicate that it is obligatory upon Muslims to appoint an Ameer over all their own affairs as a matter of greater reason from appointing an Ameer for traveling, which was in order to manage the affairs of only three.

Moreover, Imam Shawkani, in his book Nail Al-Awtar, in the chapter of The obligation to appoint an Ameer, at Vol 8 p288, stated that

‘If it has been legislated for any three in an open area to gather or to travel together, they must appoint one of themselves as an Ameer, it therefore follows that, for greater reason, a bigger number than three, whether they live in a village or in the provinces and who are more needy to remove disputes between them, judge between and arbitrate between themselves, must appoint an Ameer.’

This is an evidence for the Muslims to appoint an Ameer or Imam as a matter of obligation.

As for the consensus, it has been well documented, and confirmed, that the consensus of the people of Ahl ul-Sunnah is that it is obligatory for the Muslims to appoint a Khalifah.

The first consensus is that of the companions (may Allah be pleased with them) that they appointed a Khalifah after the Prophet Muhammad (saw) passed away, even before his burial. The evidence for this is stated clearly in Fath Al-Bari, The Sharh of Bukhari, in the chapter of the Munaqib As-Sahabah, (i.e. The Virtues of the Sahabah) at Vol 7 p19.

Furthermore, the juristic principle states that

Whatever obligation cannot be accomplished except with another thing, that thing becomes an obligation

This juristic principle clearly indicates that in order for the people to live under Islam and for their affairs to be managed fairly by the commands of God, to establish the Khilafah is one of the greatest obligations in the Deen after Tawheed.

In fact without the Imamah i.e. Al-Khilafah, the Deen cannot rise and be implemented. This is why Sheikh Ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah emphasized on the matter when he stated clearly in his book Al-Siyaasa Al-shariyyah at pp161 -162 and in his book Majmou’ al-Fatawa at Vol 28 pp390 – 393 that;

‘We must be aware that governing the affairs of the people is one of the greatest obligations of this Deen and the implementation of the Deen cannot be except by that Imaraship, because the children of Adam’s interests will never be accomplished except when they gather together and unite for their own needs, and there is no way for that unity to become one body except if it has a head. This is why Allah (SWT) obliged commanding good and forbidding evil and this will never be complete at the level of society except by an authority and Imaraship to enforce it and all other obligations such as Jihad, hajj, Eid or establishing Hudood or calling for justice cannot be accomplished except by an authority and an Imaraship..’


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