The camp of Imaan and Kufr

We have above us a cloud of fitan. We are surrounded by waves of death and very dark days. Long nights of corruption enshroud us and the falsehood has prevailed to the level that the deen of Islam has become strange, and those who practise it have become strangers. Different types of people, groups and sects have all risen with their different beliefs and backgrounds and united to attack the Muslims and the ummah and invade us with their corruption and mischief; with their fashion and customs, in order to destroy Islam. Those who hate Islam and are enemies to it throw their arrows together with one hand-deceiving and threatening and mocking anyone who wants to rise to revive Islam. The Shayateen are shouting loudly and proudly that they should shoot their arrows directly into the heart of the Muslim ummah and prevent it from rising again. It is calling out prevent the ummah from producing children like Khattab or Abu Mus’ab (rha) or like the Sahabah (raa). The skies are full of extremely dark clouds and the atmosphere is full of poison. Birds have run away and all we can see is that the smoke of deception is everywhere and the hypocrites and kuffar have gathered together in one camp and attack us by the sea, air and land. They fight together as the ummah of shirk against the ummah of Islam and gather around us with their technology, artillery and jets, fighting day and night against the Muslims. Now, the camp of iman, instead of rising to fight the camp of kufr they fight each other, letting their horses run away. They put away their swords and today we find that there are even groups of people within the camp of Islam who gather against the Muslims and mujahideen because they do not want to be attacked by the kuffar, so they stand with them in this tough confrontation between the camp of Islam and kufr.

Our situation in the ummah is so vulnerable for the camp of kuffar and all their helpers to attack us, and this open attack we see everyday, every hour, every minute. We see a new calamity, a new crisis, a new massacre and the fitan comes everyday. Whenever we are saved from one, we face another – everyday something new happens. We have become so weak and vulnerable to be attacked by the kuffar in the way they like. If we look to our situation compared to those who dont care about any covenant and distort the conflict; they mix the cards any way they wish in order to make the Muslims confused. They have no clear method or understanding to make them even start to praise the kuffar and their society. Many people put their fingers in their ears and close their eyes, not caring about what is happening anywhere. Most of them speak only falsehood and call for democracy and say that Islam is democracy; that we must obey the law of the land. Others follow superstition all they want to do is stop all their duties and be involved in some yoga for the soul, some dhikr and tareeqat that has nothing to do with the wahi. Another portion of people swim in the sea of desires as if the deen has nothing to do with them, or with life’s affairs at all! Another portion of people want only to concentrate on one thing and commit themselves to one particular duty, even if everything else is destroyed. They only want to fulfill the duty that keeps them safe and sound, without being attacked from the kuffar or faced with any bad consequences or conflict. With their own interest at heart, they spread the ideas of Madhabism following scholars regardless of whether or not they commit kufr. Other people do not want to do any action, rather they simply want to talk about tawheed, wala and baraa etc as long as they do not have to engage in any form of confrontation with the kufr. Other people have complete allegiance to kufr regimes wherever they are. Some people just want to be part and parcel with the government and will raise their banner, whether it be nationalistic or kufr, so long as they can be close to the government. They do not care what they concede or compromise.

Then there are those who rise with any group and fight against kufr and sacrifice their wealth and life and make themselves Qurbani for the sake of Allah and to establish his deen. The only one who can help us in this situation is Allah (swt) and He will help us by designating among us a portion of people who will continue to fight and struggle against the kufr. Today we are needy for the manhaj of the Qur’an and Sunnah and launch our campaign against the kufr; to stand against it. The question is, how many people are willing to sacrifice their lives and blood? How many people are willing to enter the battlefield and speak the truth and fight for the truth and die for it? We know many people have risen in order to bring the change and on the other hand how many people want to be peaceful and avoid conflict by joining the government etc. So when there are people like these who are in between, or those who are confused, obsessed with the western culture, it has become so difficult to see the Caravan of Haq. We need to go back to the example of the people of the Salaf and we will find similar examples of struggle and conflict between the Muslims and the kuffar. The Muslim ummah has faced many examples of conspiracies from the kuffar, like that of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk who destroyed the Islamic State.

Allah (swt) then made from this ummah, sincere groups of Muslims who were willing to rise with the haq and there were also many moderate who called themselves Sufis – they made it their shield from the responsibility and stood with the kuffar against the Muslims. We are in need of putting our hands together and make our hearts hug each other, and make our lines firm and put all our resources together in order to face the challenge and expose their plots and mockery. We must make their plots return to their necks and strike their hearts.

We must spend a lot of time and effort to put the Muslims together and establish the tawheed, walaa and baraa in their hearts and their minds. We have a long way yet to go, and we must pray to Allah that we do not take the wrong train, for the light at the end of the tunnel could be that of Jannah or Hellfire. There is a great responsibility on our necks and we must make sure that the deen is established in the mind and hearts of the Muslims. Our struggle is very difficult nowadays, but we cannot continue to moan about it all the time, rather we need to remove the obstacles from the way look for the solution-for the right manhaj-which is that of the Salaf-the manhaj of tawheed-testifying that there is none worthy to be worshipped except for Allah and to engage in the jihad verbally, financially and physically as much as we can. Many groups have risen, but unfortunately the people on the middle of the way have become tired and confused and others have become defeated. The job of the da’ee is to encourage the believer and

remove the obstacle from the minds. We must remind everyone that the result is in the hands of Allah-that we only make the effort. Whenever you command good and forbid evil, remember that you are working as part of an entire Muslim ummah and that giant Muslim ummah inshaa Allah will rise,

The manhaj of the Salaf has such a beautiful character and characteristics that every Muslim looks forward to implementing and it will make us keen to follow the Salaf and practise our deen how the Salaf used to. They would fight the shirk without falling down as a result of any individuals or any bid’ah, and there is no doubt that the issue of tawheed is the head of all issues as a matter of complete submission to Allah, both in the inner and the outer. That is the path and the only way, the centre of which in the struggle is the tawheed. So be brave in the way you convey the haq to the people- it is not enough for you to understand La ilaaha illallah-you need to have the bravery to offer the haq to society. Never worry about the result or consequences because you do it for the sake of Allah and you should thus reject any middle solutions, even the idea to sit with the kuffar. You should reject that there can be any common ground with the kuffar because the haq will never remain haq unless it continues to struggle against the falsehood and vice versa. So those who want to remove our identity and want to make us relax and empty us of any values in order to destroy our vital issues-to destroy the call for jihad and the Khilafah. In this case the kuffar will prevail because Ahl al Haq will have sat back-the only policy that we can follow that of the Prophet (saw) said when He (saw) said, “The best century is my century and then those who follow them and then those who follow them.”

Allah (swt) says, “If you support Allah’s deen, Allah will support you”. We need to always be equipped with the Qur’an and Sunnah and counter any argument with an argument that is even stronger, according to the understanding of the Salaf al Saalih. The ultimate aim for you is to please Allah, and there is no way to do so without following the manhaj and may Allah accept it from all of us.


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