Benefits of At-Taqwa

Umar Ibn al-Khattab (ra) wrote to his son Abd’Allah ibn Umar,
To Proceed:

“Verily I advise you to have taqwa (fear) of Allah the Mighty and Majestic, for whoever fears Him, Allah will protect him, and whoever gives a loan to Him, Allah will reward him, and whoever thanks Him, Allah will increase him.”

‘Ali Ibn AbiTalib radhiAllahu anhu gave advice to a man, and he said:

“I advise you to have taqwa (fear) of Allah the Mighty the Majestic. There is no escape in meeting Him and there is no other to meet you except Him when you reach the Hereafter, for verily Allah owns this world and the Hereafter.”

One of the righteous, wrote to his believing brother,

‘I advise you with taqwa (fear) of Allah who knows your secrets and sees your open actions, so remember Allah at every time of the night and day, and fear Allah according to His nearness, and the power He has over you. And know that He always sees you. And do not leave His Rule for another rule or His Dominion for another dominion, so glorify Him, by fearing Him immensely.’

The meaning of taqwa is that the servant puts between himself and that which he fears, a guard that will protect him.

The meaning of taqwa regarding Allah’s servants is ‘That the servant puts between himself and that which he fears, i.e. gaining the anger and the wrath of his Lord, a guard which will protect him.’ By obeying Him and abstaining from disobeying Him.[The word taqwa is a derivative of the word ‘ittaqa from the root word waqa, which means, ‘he protected himself from that which harms him.’ Essentially that is what taqwa is – a protection from that which harms the self].

Hasan al-Basri rahimaullah said, “The ones who have taqwa protect themselves from what Allah has prohibited abt upon what he has commanded. Taqwa remains with them until they forsake many halal things fearing they could be haram.”

Abu al-Darda radhiAllahu anhu said, “The complete form of taqwa is to fear Allah so much that one begins to fear Him from the potential sin a mustard seed and until one leaves that might be halal in the fear it could be haram based on the verse, ‘So whoever does an atom’s amount of good he will see it; and whoever does an atom’s amount of evil, he will see it.’ So do not prohibit any goodness and act upon goodness. Do not underestimate any evil and protect yourself from it.”

Abu Hurayrah radhiAllahu anhu was asked about taqwa so he asked the questioner whether he had trodden a thorn infested path. ‘The man said he did. Abu Hurayrah asked him how he walked on it. The man said, ‘When I saw a thorn, I kept away from it because I might be pricked by it.’ Abu Hurayrah radhiAllahu anhu said, ‘That is exactly what means to (to take actions to avoid sins).’

Ibn Rajab rahimaullah said, “The essence of taqwa is to make a shield (which guards) against Allah’s anger and punishment. That shield is to obey His commandments and abstain from His prohibitions…” Jami’ ul-Ulum al-Hikmah(190/191).

The benefits in this world.

-If a believer is in difficulty, indeed having taqwa, enables him to come out of it, and to attain provisions and ease from Allah, the likes of which he could never imagine.

Allah the Most High, says,
And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him (has taqwa), He will make a way for him, to get out (from every difficulty). And He will provide him (sources) he could never imagine.” [Surah at-Talaq: 2, 3]

-Taqwa causes a believer not to be frightened by any harm caused by the disbelievers or by their plots.

Allah the Most High, states,
“And if you are patient and have taqwa (fear) of Allah, their plot will not harm you at all. Indeed Allah is encompassing of what they do.” [Surah al-Imraan: 120]

-It is also the reason, for which Allah send help from the heavens at the time of adversity, and meeting the enemies of Allah.

Allah the Most High, says,
“And already had Allah given you victory at the
Battle of Badr while you were a weak little force. Then have taqwa of Allah, so that you may be grateful. Remember when you (Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said to the believers, ‘Is this not sufficient for you that your Lord should reinforce you with three thousand angels sent down? Yes, if you remain patient and have taqwa of Allah and the enemy comes rushing to you in rage, your Lord will reinforce you with five thousand angels, having marks (of distinction). And Allah made it not except as a glad tiding for you and to reassure your heart; And victory is not except from Allah, the Exalted in the Might, the Wise.” [Surah al-Imraan: 123, 126]

The descending of help becomes a glad tiding for the believer, an assurance for the hearts and an attainment of help form the Most Powerful, the Most Wise.

Allah the Most High, says,
“Allah made it not, but as a message of good news for you, and as an assurance to your hearts. And there is no victory except from Allah, the All Mighty, and the All Wise.” [Surah al-Imraan: 126]

-Taqwa causes a lack of enmity of grievance between the servants of Allah.

Allah the Most High, says,
“Help you, one another in al-Birr and at-Taqwa (virtue, righteous and piety) but do not help one another in sin and transgression.” [Surah al-Ma’idah: 2]


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