Ramadhaan Khutbah

Below is an extract (compiled from a number of Hadeeth collections) of the speech given by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to his faithful Sahaabah (Companions) a few days before the beginning of Ramadaan:

“Oh Believers, the month of Ramadaan is close to you; when it enters it is the best month in the eyes of Allah (SWT). It is the month of Allah (SWT); it is the month Allah (SWT) favours; its days are the best days, its night is the best of all nights. Each day is the best day in this month, and one night is better than a thousand months.

It is the month of Iraadah (claiming back your free will and killing your habits), it is the month of Jihaad, it is the month of Barakah (reward), it is the month of ‘Ibaadah (worship), it is the month of Qur’aan, it is the month of Fath (conquering), it is the month of Sawm (fasting).

A month in which Allah (SWT) has invited you as a guest to visit Him and you are the honour of Allah (SWT) and this is the best month. Your sleeping in this month is ‘Ibaadah and your breathing in this month is Tasbeeh (act of worship) so is the breathing of the birds, animals, trees and mountains; your deeds (good) are accepted and your du’aa (supplication) is also accepted.

Ask Allah (SWT) with full awareness and certainty and conviction. When you are thirsty and hungry remember the thirst and hunger on the Day of Judgement, and donate to the needy people and be kind to your youngest, treat them nicely and benefit from the elders and learn from them and respect them.

Do not do what Allah (SWT) forbids, and do not say (or hear) what Allah (SWT) forbids, help the orphans treat them good, hold up your hands and do good acts and do Da’wah (invite people to Islam).”

Source: http://sawtulislam.com


One Response

  1. Ramadan Mubarak to everyone

    Insha’Allah this month will be month where we excel in our deeds in speech and action.

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