Recognising our Enemies Tactics

Today we find that the enemies of Allah have placed their targets onto none other then the Muslims.  This has been the case for many years, whereby those who wish to fight occupiers of their lands, those whom Allah swt has blessed with the significant title ‘Al mujahideen’ are those whom are attacked.  The mujahideen have been labelled by the shayateen and its allies as the mujrimeen (criminals).  However, it is not only the mujahideen who are attacked; rather it is any Muslim who is sincere towards Allah in his ibaadha’.

The kufaar have adopted all forms of attacks.  They have not even left out their tongues to label the duaat as fundamentalists, extremists, fanatics, revolutionists, terrorists and now even salafists.

By now we are certain that the kufaar and their allies, such as the munafiqeen (hypocrites) and the murthadeen (apostates) have waged this war not against terrorism, as they claim, but against Islaam and Muslims.  They have set their aims to destroy the name of Al-Islaam, and the meaning of Jihaad fisabilillah in order to divert the Muslim ummah from fighting to liberate their lands from foreign invasion.  This plan which the kufaar hold dear to them can actually be backdated to a long time ago. 

Our enemies are trying their utmost effort to stop Islaam from shadowing over them once again.  What they fear the most is the golden age of the caliphate, from the time of the rightly guided caliphs till the last day of the khilafah as a whole – 3 March 1924.

We live in a time where this war between us and them (non-Muslims) has never stopped from the time of Muhammad [saw] up until today.  Therefore we face a situation which will not come to an end, rather it will continue forward till the day of yawm ul qiyaamah.

Soon as this war has been going for many years and centuries, we see that our enemies have developed many skills, styles and means to try and succeed in their plot to put an end to Islaam.  Below we have listed some of these styles and means which we speak about:

1.         Hatred and re-interpretation of terms

They have placed hatred in the hearts of the believers towards the mujahideen and distorted the meaning to jihad.  And this is one of the most apparent means which our enemies have adopted.  Today the term ‘mujahideen’ is synonymous to criminals, thief’s, traitors, oppressors, murderers and etc.  These terms are fed trough the propaganda machine, also known as the media (#2), to install them into the hearts of society.

2.         Propaganda Machine

Another style which the kufaar have grabbed hold of, is the editing of the original pictures of the haq.  Any Muslim who wants to abide by the shar’iaah will be labelled as a terrorist, and subsequently will be arrested.  This media onslaught is not hidden, rather apparent to those sincere Muslims. 

3.         Blockage of support towards the mujahideen

The third style and means is that they have locked all doors which were open to support the Mujahideen.  This includes the door of finance, verbal and physical.  Their aim is to dry the sources and to cut the means to reach the mujahideen in order to weaken them from continuing in their fight.

4.         Battle against the Islamic thought

This thought is that which calls the Muslim ummah to stand on her own feet.  This thought is based upon the support towards the mujahideen who work to liberate their lands from the satanic occupiers.  To succeed in this battle, they push forward the so-called Muslims (murthadeen and munafiqeen) to come out condemning the mujahideen and their supporters in their own societies.

5.         Installing spies in the Muslim body

The kufaar have appointed spies who by apparent are Muslims, but by fact they are far from it.  These spies (aka Munafiqeen) have a role to play inside the Islamic movements and organisations.  Their role is to keep their eyes on the Muslims and then report them to their task masters, the kufaar.  The munafiqeen are the agents of the kufaar, just the way Hamaan was the agent or Firauwn.

Such people (munafiqeen) for the Muslim ummah are a hidden disease, simply because they are trusted due to their apparent as being Muslims.  We saw how recently in Algeria, the munafiqeen silently attacked causing divisions between the Mujahideen.

This is one of the dirtiest means they have taken up.  Resulting in the Muslims fighting each other rather then fighting alongside each other – against the enemies of Allah.

6.         Physical attack – Military

The military attack which they use can be seen in many Muslim lands whereupon they have become the predators and the Islamic movements of the jihad and the duaat have become their prey.  Anyone who declares la illaha Illallah will be targeted. 

Therefore, we can see that they are using very powerful tools to succeed in their mission.  And those apostate rulers are supporting our enemies on this.

Unfortunately our enemies today have succeeded in these tactics, causing major divisions in the heart of the Muslim ummah.  Veiling our youth from seeing the haq, and opening the gates of football, fashion, free-mixing and etc.  As for our elders, they have been brainwashed and forced to be desirable towards the dunya.

The Muslims today are being pushed to work hard to become doctors, engineers, scientists, lawyers and etc by the kufaar.  In other words, they wish to divert the Muslim ummah from joining the wagon of Izzah (dignity).  And unfortunately they, the kufaar, have today succeeded in chaining majority of the Muslims to that which they call for (ie, dunya). 

It is only those Muslims who have a clean fithra’ (natural disposition), which has not yet been touched by the najas (impure) calls of shaytaan, who are the guiding stars for the sleepy ummah of the messenger Muhammad [saw].

Allah swt has designated for this ummah, lions who work to carry His deen, and to defend it, and of course implement it.  Therefore whatever the enemy plots against them, they will never succeed when the battle begins between the losers and the lions.  At the end of the day, with the will of Allah, Islaam and the Muslims are victorious.  There is no doubt about this fact, that Allah has promised this ummah victory – and Insha’Allah in a matter of time we shall witness with our very own eyes the promise of Allah – victory!

We now need to question ourselves, what stance do we hold in this clash between the haq and baatil?  Upon living in the west, we must place our roles in the dawah field (not battlefield, due to our covenant with them, the non-Muslims).

As Muslims we are obliged to exhaust utmost effort to re-light the deen of Al-Islaam; especially at this vital stage, where the matter has reached the line of life and death.  Our duty today is to transform ourselves from humiliation to dignity, from division to unity and from the occupation to liberation.  We have many roles to play at a time like today:

1.         Returning to our original state

We must be keen to go back to the Islamic heritage, Nahj us-Salaf, revelation, Qur’aan and Sunnah in accordance to the understanding of the salaf of this ummah.

By going back to this, we must assure ourselves not to go towards the divisions (ie, madhabism) or innovations.  Rather we must focus on our past (life of Muhammad [saw] and the sahaabah) and implement it today as our present.

This shining history which we once had, needs to be re-installed into the heart of the Muslim ummah.  The history which today seems like a joke needs to be pushed forward harder so that every society sees it as a fact. 

The ummah of the Messenger Muhammad [saw] today is a sleeping giant which needs to wake up from its deep sleep.  It is about time, this giant wakes up – and to do this we need to wake up first! 

2.  Utilise our time in an organised manner which will help awaken the ones asleep

As Muslims we must invest and utilise our time, in every way we can.  We must stretch our hands out harder to that which we can reach.  For example, we can use the internet to promote this unique ideology, by creating websites, blogs, forums, chat rooms and etc.  As for the world around the internet, we can organise conferences, distribute books, leaflets, magazines and etc.  Our aim is to reach the public arena and public opinion; from this we will develop a public awareness amongst our societies.

3.  Purifying the body of al-Islaam

Another role we have is to purify our body from the agents of the kufaar and the kufaar themselves.  We must throw out all the kufaars pets – the munafiqeen, in order to cleanse ourselves from the distortion we are facing today.  These agents need to be exposed sooner then later, for they are the ones who are instilling in us the voice and love for nationalism, tribalism and all other ‘isms’. 

We must remember the plot of the hypocrites, when they tried to assassinate Muhammad [saw] whilst he [saw] returned from the battle of tabouk.  Rasoolallah prevented the munafiqeen at the time from attending the battlefield and said:

“You will never come out with us, and you will never fight alongside me against the enemy.”

Here we can see that the Messenger Muhammad [saw] had boycotted the hypocrites, not allowing them to reach him [saw] or his companions.  This is the response every Muslim must give to those munafiqeen we have living amongst us today.

4.  Hold firm to the foundation of al-Islaam

We must hold on tight to that which the Nahj us-Salaf had carried – the rope of allah, which is the Qur’aan and the Sunnah.  As Allah swt said:

“And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah (i.e. this Qur’aan and Sunnah), and be not divided among yourselves…”  [TMQ 3:103]

5.  To understand, recognise and implement the best style of defence

One of the most prominent ways of defence is by fact the offence.  Therefore, when our enemies plot to weaken us economically, or block passages by where our brothers and sisters receive the support from us, we must counter this with the offence.  This is when we need to condemn and expose the economic system of the west, imposing that it is a failure.

6.  We must work side by side and alongside the Muslims only

We must work together be it on the battlefield or the da’wah field, but our support must be expressed.  And as mentioned earlier, we need to reach the public inviting them to Islaam.

We are not like the murtadeen who have given up the supreme ideology (Islam) to please the kufaar, nor are we like the munafiqeen who are employed as agents by the kufaar.  Rather we are like those muslims from the time of the Messenger Muhammad [saw] – those who were successful; and we are the muslims like those who are leading their lives to succession in this dunya and the aakhirah today – ahlul saif wal kalimah (people of the sword and the word).

And Allah swt said:

“Therefore proclaim openly that which you are commanded, and turn away from Al-Mushrikeen.Truly! We will suffice you against the disbelievers.”[TMQ: 15:94-95]

Allah swt had promised the Messenger [saw] His swt’s support so long as he [saw] and his companions stood firm.

Consequently they, the sahabah and rasoolallah, rose up declaring the kufr in taaghouth openly and publicly.  We too must rise up and declare that Democracy is hypocrisy.  A warning must be issued worldwide by the Muslims, that anyone who has taken a deen over the deen of al Islaam, is a complete failure in this world and the hearafter and will latterly witness the flames of hellfire.


Those who work together to fight against the ummah chosen to be the best by their lord, Allah swt, will never be successful.  We must realise that those who are the enemies of Allah are our enemies, and that a war requires two parties not one.  Therefore if our enemies attack us, be it with the sword or the word, it does not end there – we too will attack them back in a similar manner.

Our support is with the duaat, the mujahideen, the people of the Qibla and the people of tawheed.  Without doubt has the whole world gathered together against these duaat, mujahideen, ahlul Qibla wal tawheed whom we support and aim to support. 

We may lack in materialistic resources in comparison to what the kufaar have, yet we have something which they do not have, and never will have – we have the imaan, the tawakkul, and we have the promise from Allah swt.  It is the swords of imaan and tawakkul which the mujahideen use in their struggle against their enemies, and it is the words of the very same imaan and tawakkul which the duaat use in their invitations issued to every society.

Even if a time comes, where our enemies have all the wealth to themselves, they will never succeed in this battle between us and them; simply because we have Allah swt besides us.

Verily, we have only started on our journey, ahead of us lays the calamities and problems which we will pass, and by the will of Allah we will pass it easily; so long as we work in this battle between the haq and the baatil – in the camp of Islaam only.

May Allah swt protect us from the evil tactics of the kufaar, and strengthen our hearts in this stuggle.  And the Messenger Muhammad [saw] said:

“Verily! The victory comes with the sabr (patience and firmness).  Verily! The victory comes with the sabr.  Verily! The victory comes with the sabr.”   

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