Western Values are Perverted Values

The idea that Western values are universal values is intended to create propaganda in the war against so-called ‘Terrorism’ (also known as Islam and Muslims). However, it cannot and will never subdue Muslims from exposing the evident corruption of man-made law and the oppression, which emanates directly from it or fighting to defend the pure understanding of Islam and the sanctity of Muslims wherever they are. The fact is that Muslims are obliged to believe in total supremacy for Allah (SWT) in all their affairs, including those of the State, which manifests itself in exclusive sovereignty for the Shari’ah, thereby relegating all man made law to the rubbish bin. However, this obvious clash of ideologies and civilisations can inevitably only produce one victor. Hence, it is no surprise for Muslims when the bastions of ‘Democracy’ ‘Freedom’ and ‘Secularism’ (the civilised faces of dictatorship and oppression otherwise known as man made law) in the West try to attribute global authority and supremacy to these profane ideas enshrined within his capitalist ideology. The message is clear: Western values are your values no matter what the Qur’an and the Sunnah (tradition of the Messenger Muhammad (saw)) say, and we will fight you to keep it so!

So what exactly are we being asked to consider as ‘universal’? A brief glimpse at any western society, like the USA and UK, run on values of freedom, secularism and democracy will reveal a complete breakdown in the social and moral fabric with homosexuality, paedophilia, adultery, promiscuity, fornication, pornography and abortion rampant, not forgetting all the sexually transmitted diseases that come hand in hand with such liberalism. An overview of the economic infrastructure will show extreme divisions between the poor and the rich oligarchy, a majority of the wealth in the hands of a few individuals and massive investment in useless exploits and so-called ‘industries’ which only bring degradation, misery and destruction day by day such as alcohol, lottery, pornography, cosmetics, fashion and sports. All of this exposes gross incompetence on the part of those ruling in looking after the welfare of the masses, in providing for their basic needs and in protecting the citizens from exploitation of their emotions and desires, leading to diseases, depression and uncontrollable crime reflected in the statistics for murders, thefts, suicides and rapes in the West. Add to this a foreign policy based on establishing interests on other peoples soil, no matter what the cost is to their life or suffering, and one is loathe even to attribute the word ‘values’ to anything Western let alone consider these perverse values universal!

Try to put this wretched system next to the beauty and perfection of the Islamic ideology and there really can be no comparison. For a start Islam does not recognise ‘freedom’ but rather insists on complete submission to the law of Allah in all the affairs of society, whether that be in the ruling, social, economic or judicial systems or in the foreign policy of the Islamic State. There is no compulsion for non-Muslims to embrace Islam but no compromise in obeying the ISLAMIC law of the land, upon Muslims and non-Muslims. Democracy is also anathema to Islam, since Muslims do not believe in the rule of the majority or in elections every 4 or 5 years or in sovereignty for anyone or anything other than Allah, whether that is the people, their government or any constitution, be it the UN, OIC or any other body. As for secularism, Islam considers anyone adopting this to have committed an act of apostasy, for considering any part of life’s affairs to be outside the ambit of the divine law will make one a non-Muslim apostate.

History shows that during the 1302 years that Islam was implemented as a law and order, from 622 AD until the 3rd of March 1924, the Khilafah (Islamic State) was a beacon of light in a dark world, a proven system from God able to meet the needs of all its citizens, instead of wasting the wealth of the nation on pornography, cosmetics, lottery and alcohol and having to pay dearly for their rotten consequences, such pursuits never existed in the Islamic State and it could hence invest in decent food, clothing and shelter for all its citizens with everyone’s belief, life, mind, wealth and honour protected. With tranquillity and satisfaction guaranteed for Muslims and non-Muslims, without any discrimination on the grounds of race, colour or sex the shari’ah (Islamic law) guaranteed that each person is afforded his/her divine rights. Moreover, any deviation from the divine law will lead to the Khalifah (leader of the State) being removed by force, ensuring that the welfare, benefit and interests of the masses are properly managed at all times. Such a perfect system from the creator of man, life and the universe was confronted with cases of murder, theft, rape or other crimes rarely in its 1302 year history, since the instincts, desires and emotions of the citizens were not allowed to be provoked and exploited at all, let alone for monetary gain!

Without any State exclusively implementing the Shari’ah today, it is no wonder that Muslims and Islamic activists are struggling everywhere to once again establish the Khilafah. Considering that the existence of the Khilafah will mean the absence of all man made law under its authority and a foreign policy to annex other land to it, it is no wonder that the Western regimes, keen on globalisation, have labelled all those who want the Shari’ah as a law and order, like the Taleban, ‘Terrorists’.  With an Islamic State a credible possibility in many countries today including Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Yemen and Malaysia it is therefore no wonder that the likes of Blair, Bush and their cronies are so keen to pass off their rotten Western values as universal…


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