Attack on the Muslimah

By  Sheikh Abu Bilaal

The Kuffaar (unbelievers), continuing in their onslaught against Islam and Muslims, have adopted a new strategy designed to distort the mind of the Muslim woman in order to destroy her and the family unit. The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) informed us that ‘the Muslim woman is the backbone of the Ummah,’ yet the Kuffaar have still managed to infiltrate the mind of the Muslim woman and have distorted the image of her role as defined by Allah (SWT).

There are many enemies of the Muslimah ranging from the Shaytaan to the Jews, Christians, Mushriks and secularists, who carry the same aim which is to poison her mind with the filth and oppression that the Western woman faces today. Under the guise of liberty and freedom, the Muslim woman is preyed upon by the media and various educational institutes as well as the national curriculum, from a very young age. With this, several strategies and tools are used as conspiracies to poison her mind so that she is no longer happy with her primary roles, such as being a mother or housewife; rather, she too wants to be subjected to humiliation and degradation in the current society in which we live.

Conspiracies against Muslim women

New magazines are introduced with the aim of replacing the righteous role models, such as the Sahaabiyaat (female Companions), to the pop icons and catwalk models of today. These same magazines promote the cosmetic industry and ideas such as beauty, fashion and ‘the successful business woman’, and carry ideas and slogans such as ’sex with the same man everyday is boring,’ giving an open advert for adultery and promiscuity, which is totally forbidden in Islam.

They aim to distort the picture of the Muslim husband and compare it to the Western man. They promote the Muslim husband as one who doesn’t allow his wife to have a ‘life’ and portray him as having a backward and old fashioned mentality, claiming that his thoughts and views have no value in social life today. Little do they realise that the true Muslimah already clearly understands the hadeeth which says, ‘The woman whose husband is pleased with her when she dies can go to Paradise through any gate she wishes.

The Kuffaar design programmes to get Muslim women back into mainstream education, an education which focuses on “Britishness” and ways to adopt its culture and Western (kufr) values. Yet the true Muslimah understands that her identity is directly linked to her belief; thus, her identity can never be the same as the Kaafirah (disbeliever), and if it is, then she has clear signs of weakness in her Imaan. The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) informed us that, ‘He is not from us who imitates the Kuffaar.

They use soaps to befog the minds of the Muslim women in order to make her materialistic. They even go to extra lengths to translate these soaps into languages that the Muslim woman will understand in different parts of the world.

Housewives are offered ‘better’ alternatives such as education and entertainment and it is ensured that this entertainment is not in accordance to the Sharee’ah; for example, free-mixing is prevalent during the alternatives that are offered. The Muslimah, however, will understand the saying of the Nabi (SAW) when He said, ‘Oh men and women, separate yourselves; it is not allowed for you to be in the same place.

Muslim women are repetitively informed about their rights in the West and told how they are free women and how they should not carry a slave-like mentality. Yet, how can this be possible when the Muslim, regardless of whether they are male or female, is a ’slave’ to the Almighty Allah?

The Muslimah is encouraged to call for equality alongside the men and she is frequently told that the religion she follows is biased. Yet, the true Muwahhidah (Monotheist) will know that if her Creator has decided something then she will submit to it willingly as she will understand the verse from the Qur’aan, Surah 33, verse 36: ‘It is not allowed for a believer, man or woman, to have any choice when Allah and His Messenger decide a matter.’

They portray the image of the mother/housewife as degrading and highlight the modern Western woman. They also try to instil into her mind that she doesn’t require the protection of any man and that her father/husband is not her ameer (leader and guardian) but someone who is equal to her.

They tell the Muslimah that the Muslim male is oppressive and ultimately Islam is to blame as he acts according to his beliefs. They fail to differentiate between culture, tradition and Deen, and promote Islam as a repressive way of life which is designed to suppress the needs of a woman by elevating the man.

Women are lured into fitness suites and gyms and told that slim bodies are attractive thus deterring them from wanting children as they become more interested in maintaining their figures. Yet, the true Muslimah will know that the Messenger (SAW) has told us that He (SAW) will be proud of those women on the Day of Judgement who marry and multiply their children, and she can still maintain her body as well as doing this!

Although only a few examples have been highlighted above, it has become obvious that the Kuffaar (and apostates) are prepared to go to any lengths to attempt to sabotage the mind of the Muslimah with their continuous conspiracies and rotten agendas. Yet, the true Muslimah will see straight through these lies and false perceptions and will understand the reality that there is no ideology on the planet Earth and no school of thought that exists today which honours the Muslim woman like Islam does.

She will understand and firmly believe that the Sharee’ah protects her as a mother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt etc., and that Allah (SWT) has dignified her and given her a high status in the dunyaa. She will not succumb to the wishes of the non-Muslims and will continue to obey Allah (SWT) exclusively in all aspects of her life, be this in the public arena or the private arena, and will continue to establish the Word of Allah (SWT) until it becomes the highest.

The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said about the Muslim woman, ‘The whole world is a provision, and the best object of provision in this world is the pious woman.’

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