Ad Deenu Naseeha – The Deen is Advise

The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: ‘Ad deenu naseeha, ad deenu naseeha, ad deenu naseeha’ (Sahih Muslim) – The Deen is advice, the deen is advice, the deen is advice.

The hadith needs to be understood properly as naseeha in Islam is important for us to understand, bearing in mind that Muhammad ibn Aslam reported the Hadith is 1/4 of the deen as it has the following topics:
1) the deen is advice – it includes all pillars Iman, Islam and Ihsaan and this is how the Messenger Muhammad (saw) responded when Jibril [as] asked He (saw) to tell him of the pillars of the deen (i.e. that there is no God but Allah, to pray, fast, give Zakaah and perform Hajj). The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: Imaan is to believe in the articles of faith and Jibril [as] responded that He (saw) spoke the truth. Then Jibril (as) asked the Messenger (saw) to tell him about Ihsaan and He (saw) said that it was to worship Allah as if you were seeing him.

The word ‘naseeha’ stems from the word Nasaahah – anything that is free from defections. By definition, the one who gives the advice must ask to do the good and perform the good. So advice will always be one of two:
1) You ask people to do the obligatory and leaving the prohibitions
2) To do the recommended and leave what is disliked

You need to advise people to have the correct Tawheed; speak about Allah’s names and attributes; His (swt) exclusivity and so forth; speak about its ahkaam – what is halaal and haraam; to believe in everything; to teach it; promote it etc. This is a form of advice to the book of Allah. When you say – the advice of the Messenger [saw], it is to believe in Him [saw] and to advise others about him by accepting the ahadeeth, protecting his Sunnah, defending his honour, loving him more than anything. It is also to refrain from diverting your attention from what He [saw] said; not elevating him above the level of Allah nor putting him on the manzilah.
“Do whatever the Prophet (saw) ordered you, and leave whatever he forbade”
“For you the example to follow is the Messenger Muhammad [saw] if you are believers”

The Advice to the Imam of the Muslims
The imams are the scholars of Islam – they ask people to listen to them, support them and protect them. “O believers, obey Allah, obey the messengers and those in charge among you”.
Ibn Abbas (ra) said with regards to this, that ‘those in charge amongst you’ are the scholars.
Ibn Katheer said that it general to anyone in charge over you.

The hadith also mentions, “Support the Muslims and stand with them”. Guide them; command good and forbid evil; teach them; cover their defections; support them when needed; keep away from alliance with the kuffar against them; teach them the rights they have towards other Muslims.

Thus we need to remember we must give the people the good advice – if it is to an individual – it must be given as an individual, if he does not listen do not expose him. The advice must have certain characters: keep away from hasad; hatred or partisanship otherwise it will not be advise. Today many see the ‘advice’ of speaking about the people of haq, and “exposing” them for the sake of hasad. Many are talking about Fath ul Islam and people have started fabricate – quoting the untrustworthy newspapers – it could be anyone. On forums – anyone could pretend to be anyone as the majority do not use their real names, therefore they can accuse others falsely very easily. No-one knows of him, his background – all they know is that the name on the forum is so and so. Are we then going to accuse people because they were never arrested? Are we going to accuse the Sahabah who were not arrested by the Quraish?

This is why we need to wake up. We cannot refer to untrustworthy people and say that Omar Bakri said, Abu Hamza said etc – rather you must contact them and verify it and those who don’t, they are from who don’t understand their deen, rather all he does is listen to the media and propagate it.

Da’wah is one of the greatest obligations so we need to be very careful especially because the dawah is an act of worship – it means to guide people to the haq – to Islam and to submit to Allah (swt). ‘Who is better than he who calls to Allah and says I am Muslim?’

Defaming the Mujahideen, Da’ees or Ulama is not something that a mu’min does – thus those who do so and claim to be of the Sunnah are lying – they are partisan; they listen to one person and follow him. It is a duty upon you in every place and to use every styles and means available to give dawah. One way of doing this is via the net, especially if we understand that the dawah over the internet dawah will have certain characteristics – it will reach the world and thus is so universal; it can reach the east, west, north and south in one click. Remember that you will be accountable on the Day of Judgement for all whom you misled so you must be careful with what you do. It is so easy for you to say a word with no shame or fear – the net dawah incurs less cost than travelling from place to place to give dawah – here you can do it in the comfort of your own home. For those who are shy, it is very easy to give dawah via the net.

Allah has given this opportunity to give dawah, but remember that ‘Whatever one utters, it will be recorded’. So, for the sake of Allah, do not put yourself in a situation whereby you defame people out of ignorance.  Sheikh Ayman Az Dhawahiri released a speech and never even mentioned Fath Al Islam, as there isn’t enough information out there about them, so don’t try to make your own story; you need to know the Haq and follow it – we cant keep on making our own stories otherwise we will become partisan for the jihad and not for the sake of Allah.

Jihaad is one duty Allah orders us to carry, but Tawheed is more important than that – some people try to put the Jihaad before Allah but remember that i.e. one can’t be Mushrik and claim to fight for the sake of Allah, so don’t be the one who engages in dawah in the net without ilm. The da’ee must have ilm about Islam and what he is talking about, and must verify what he hears

2) He must be patient – he cannot lose his patience and get angry over something small – it is easy foyou not to have any sabr and get angry when someone confronts you. For example, one may ask who you are and as a result you will get very angry – you must not make it an issue and begin to criticise others, rather you need to be kind, especially over the Internet. Sometimes when people speak they cannot express themselves properly – but be nice to them – you cannot accuse them of being Faasiq Fajir or an MI5 agent, rather you need to verify everything. We see on the media that they cut bits and bobs out of talks, creating public opinion against them and interpreting them wrongly. You need to find the hukm shariee before uttering anything and be fair; if you think one disagrees with you over a matter of Ijtihaad, you shouldn’t be angry with him, unless the matter is known in Islam by necessity – remember it is easy to spread Chinese Whispers on the net – people begin to go outside the speech of preaching; others may spread unverified information. If you spread a da’eef Hadith, it will spread to millions of people around the world via the net.

Some people for example, may spread love stories or have an inappropriate title on MSN or Paltalk; some may have names that lure people towards them; others may use Fusq terms which aren’t allowed, or they may speak inappropriately with the opposite gender or describe themselves. The most prevalent occurrence is when people praise the Taaghout of the world and condemn the Daees, Mujahideen etc.

The other issues we need to be careful about is not to involve ourselves in issues of Takfeer – leave it to those who have ilm if you don’t. Remember that Ahlul ilm may not be just your own scholar – he may be anywhere; we want to follow the ulama ul haq – those who reject taaghout. One can’t say that their scholar is a scholar of haq but he doesn’t condemn the taaghout – you can’t imagine that one will follow those who don’t condemn taaghout regime of Saud for example. The ones on the path of deviation are those who don’t follow the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and the Companions (raa).

Remember that as Muslims, we are supposed to verify everything, but some people choose to refer to faasiq media to form their opinions when this is completely haraam. Don’t attack the daees and quote the haq rather than listen to the copy and paste jobs done by the media

Claims made by Associated World Press:
1) Fath ul Islam are giving up their weapons and will surrender. On the contrary, they will fight till death and never give up, but this issue is irrelevant – rather it lies on the haq. This is where people start to fabricate and begin to attack – it is not that which hurts for the cloud will never move – even if the dog barks day and night. The issue does not affect the one who has fabricated, rather which hurts is the information that is wrongly spread, and thus attacks the people.

O People who Believe! Men must not ridicule other men for it could be that the ridiculed are better than the mockers, nor must the women ridicule other women for the ridiculed women may be better than the mockers. So do not insult one another, nor assign evil nicknames; how bad is to be called a sinner after being a Muslim?! And whoever does not repent – then it is they who are unjust. [EMQ Hujurat 49:11]

When they pasted the links to the tapes – they took parts out and left the rest even though the speech was in favour of Fath al Islam – you should never cut the words of the people words, for it is an evil form of fabrication.

We support the mujahideen for the sake of Allah not for the people to praise us – and remember that when you spread the fabrication – it reaches millions and only those who fabricated will harm the da’ees as this is the test on the da’ee for they defend the Messenger Muhammad [saw] and the Sahabah. So we must verify the information – why do they assume they are so sincere when they lack in verification themselves? “Do not let your hate for someone (al hasad) prevent you from speaking the haq”

When they differ with you they will say OBM was HT before, but remember that the Sahabah were mushrikeen before they were guided. Who was Abdullah Azzam? A deviant – until Allah (swt) guided him.

“O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done.” [EMQ 49:6]

Everyone used to be this and that but ALLAH (swt) later guided them to the haq. But people will say – why were they all arrested but he ran away and was left alone? The Sahabah too left Makkah!

People forget that nobody had heard about the arrest of Abu Qatadah – it was only the few who went out and demonstrated from Al Muhajiroun, – they were the ones who demonstrated and rose for Abu Hamza – and many are arrested for those who call for the haq. May Allah (swt) release them all.

What we’ve supported for years- was obligatory upon us, but now all this has become silly – claiming that OBM is MI5 because he praised 9/11 hijackers and was not arrested. They believe that the dawah was illegal in the UK – though this has never been the case. We have people coming to UK – for the sake of money, and if he carried the dawah he would probably be arrested. Someone who is loud-mouthed and thinks he’s a big mujahid yet is living in the UK sitting on sofas. We are not speaking about the scholars for dollars, rather about the muwahhideen – don’t speak against them otherwise you will feel naked so cover your awrah.

Spreading the word on the internet is not jihad – don’t assume you are a big mujahid behind a computer screen – fear Allah and don’t let the du’aat speak out correcting your ignorance, whilst they have better issues to sort. People today are giving two opinions to everything – even to the tawheed, and we see many who choose the internet as a source to condemn the ulema ul haq so easily and openly. You will hear people say online – I want to support the jihad and fight alongside the mujahideen and then he will report you to the police – that you are helping in the jihad. There are some who use the internet to trap others, so don’t let them mislead you on such issues and remember do not forward any letters where it carries the bida’aa or kufr ideas, don’t forward the pictures which reveal the awrah, don’t forward anything with the information of others.

We also need to remember that there are many who like to spread the haq, and like to do the dawah via the internet – its not dawah – but it is a way to spread the call, a way to spread some ideas. Imagine – someone new joins the Paltalk room and sees Sheikh on the microphone and learns from him, but he doesn’t know who Sheikh is; what his aqeedah is, does he carry the haq or the baatil etc. Those who don’t trust Sheikh, should leave – “Ask those who know”. You must know who you learn from – they should tell you their name if they go by a kunya. Imagine someone says something very nice but you never know who he is, or what he looks like etc. He may not be an alim and may be a complete deviant – you can’t listen to just anybody, nor can you follow the fatwa of a scholar who you don’t trust or know. Why do you want to listen to somebody you don’t know? Unless you have heard from him from a wider spectrum of Muslims you trust who have travelled with him etc, and then see if it is in accordance to the Sunnah.

Anybody who is under duress, compulsion or captivity, we don’t take what he said there and then i.e. Amar bin Yassir [ra] said a word of kufr, are you going to imitate him? No! His heart was FULL of Imaan.

One may be a great scholar but say a word of kufr or the like under duress, and we don’t listen to what they say under those circumstances. Allah (swt) said: ‘The scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets’.

They are not just those who study in Madinah i.e. one may be in a particular known place but don’t condemn the Taaghout, are we going to say that they are on the Haqq and the rest are in Hell-Fire? Wake up! If you sincerely study under one thinking he is from the Haq, Allah will guide you to the Haqq InshaAllah. The problem is not on the Fiqh, rather it is the Manhaj – nobody will be in doubt that free mixing is haraam for example, so go back to what the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and the Sahabah implemented for that is the manhaj.

May Allah swt place us among those who follow the haq for the sake of Allah with complete sincerity.

Message By Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad


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